Mother Tongue Program

Mother Tongue at Rivers International School

At Rivers International School the Mother Tongue Programme is a key activity, which keeps the International students connected with their heritage, language and culture and thus celebrating each individual student’s identity in a global setting.

Rivers International School may proudly announce 10 languages on the Mother Tongue programme, so far, this year. These are currently: Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Slovakian, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Marathi

This is how it works

 All students whose Language A is neither English nor Dutch, take Mother Tongue as a compulsory school-managed programme . This is because students are required to maintain and develop literacy and language in their own mother tongue. The classes run for 40 minutes and are scheduled in the timetable.

Any student who has English or / and Dutch as their language A, who wishes to maintain and develop their own  Mother Tongue language may take Mother Tongue classes which are timetabled on Mondays and run for 40 minutes. The advantage is that those students have timetabled provision to develop their literacy and language in thier additional Mother Tongue.

Students create their own Aims and Objectives for each semester. For example a student may wish to master some challenging grammar, achieve reading a particular novel and completing some given exercises from a generic workbook.

At the beginning of each session the student keeps a record of  their Objective tasks and at the end of each sesssion the student updates their record.

Where possible we incorporate CAS and Service as Action to Mother Tongue by linking a student from Mother Tongue with a DP student or MYP5 Service as Action student of the same language who can then coach the Mother Tongue student.

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