Careers advice

A student has to take a number of important decisions during his school career. Examination subjects are chosen after consultation with parents, teacher, the international school Coordinator and the Careers Counselor. To help them with this difficult decision, all students have acces to a computer-based job and professions tests.

On completion of the IB-MYP examinations, a number of students will leave school to 
continue their education in the Netherlands or in another country. Suitable school are chosen with the help of the Careers Counselor.
After the IB-DP examination about one-third of our students move on to enjoy higher education outside the Netherlands. The school provides facilities to research university and college courses worldwide. Information is constantly updated. IB students who wish to follow higher educaction in the Netherlands have access to a Dutch counselor. 

The school takes great pride in the success of its students who complete their chosen field of training or study. We are very pleased that a number have distinguished themselves in their field of study and we are confident that our current group of students will maintain or even improve on this fine record.


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