New building

Monday 27 March 2017, new school building of Rivers Arnhem International School officially opened.

The Rivers International School Arnhem provides education and care for children from 2 to 18 years. The building also houses a primary school (primary), a high school (secondary) and child care (nursery). The new construction has been realized at a prominent place in the Arnhem Growth District Schuytgraaf.


Community building

Many of the international students of both primary (elementary school, part of The school board De Basis) as secondary (high school, part of the Lorentz Lyceum of Quadraam) are creating a ' warm and welcoming community both global and local '. There is also a ' pre-school ' (SKAR) included in the school building. The school also acts as a meeting place for the families (expats) of the school-age children.

The Rivers International School Arnhem has one connecting element and that is the blue route that connects the sports room all the way up to the top floor. This blue staircase symbolizes the course of a river. Connected to the central area are all common areas such as the ' Community ' space (especially for parents), library and the various open learning areas each with its own identity.


There is age-oriented designed. LIAG architects has well looked and listened to the needs of the different users. The Interior and the facilities are designed on children's height. There are lower windows created at the ' primary ' and the ' nursery '. These functions are located together with the joint features such as the canteen, drama/music room and ' enquiry ' on the ground floor. The ' secondary ' is located on the second floor. In the 1/3 deepened basement are the gym and parking garage for employees.

By parking in the basement it creates more space for playgrounds and schoolyards. An optimal sun/shading level on the schoolyard has been achieved by ‘cutting off’ one side of the building. The roofs are also used as school playground and for outdoor activities. So the outside of the entire building is also activated. Squares at different levels also provide a differentiation in outdoor spaces and also playing areas that are more sheltered (on the roof of the parking garage). In the design of the building is already taken into account a possible extension in the future.

The establishment of Rivers International School is an important step: not only for the students and staff of the school, but also in strengthening the international business climate in Gelderland.

Copyright photos: Ben Vulkers

For more project info visit the website from LIAG architects

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