IPC Primary

The International Parents Council  (IPC)

(Of which each family with a child enrolled at Rivers International School Arnhem (RISA) is a member), 

  • assists RISA in meeting the changing needs of the diverse community it serves by working interactively with teachers,administrators and students throughout the school
  • supports and enriches the school experience for the children of RISA
  • encourages and promotes communication and cooperation between parents and teachers for events and organized activities
  • engages in social, educational, and fundraising activities for the benefit of RISA students and their parents. Every parent is encouraged to become actively involved in suggesting, arranging and organising events and activities for fundraising and socialising purposes, whether for their child’s class or for the school.

Class Representatives

Each class year group has at least one class representative who works with the class teacher to ensure clear communication with parents regarding class activities. They act as hosts for socialising occasions such as coffee mornings and outings for parents as well as sharing information and details about school-wide activities. Any parent at any time can suggest an activity or event to be organised and class representatives are crucial to the success of these as they share the information and encourage parents to take part. This year we have a wonderful group of parents who have volunteered to take on the role of class representative. They are:

  • Reception: Avalokita Gudavi and Parul Mohta
  • Year 1:  Carina Antunez and Millon Mishra
  • Year 2:  Fernando Dominguez
  • Year 3:  Stephanie Fitts and Yelli Ayala
  • Year 4:  Wanda Lansbergen
  • Year 4/5:  Patricia Addom
  • Year 5:   Emma Corcoran and Laura Boyle
  • Year 6:   Sangeetha Ganesh
  • Year 7:   Charlotte Bellamy

October - Halloween Celebration - Families met at a farm shop to carve pumpkins. IPC members decorated a "scary" Halloween House in the school Aula and volunteers dressed up in Halloween costumes to give the pupils from Rivers and Aletta Jacob School a 'spooky Halloween experience!'  And our Drama Club teacher, Rob Versteegt, was our Wizard judge for the pumpkin carving contest - which had 35 entries!!

Coming Up....November - A Toy Collection for Charity - the local charity De Speelstoet in Velp which helps families with little income enjoy the opportunity to have good quality secondhand toys and games benefit from a collection of toys which are no longer needed by AIS children.  This is a fantastic way to give toys which still have many play-times worth of use be recycled rather than thrown away. 

December - Students of the Music Department and Performing Arts Programme will give two performances/concerts and their will be the school Christmas Celebration concert with Christmas parties in the classrooms for the students and a parents buffet for the grown-ups to enjoy before the concert.


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