Attendance Policy

Absence from school.

A reminder that if you require leave for your children from school then an official application needs to be made. The form for this can be collected from Saskia`s office. Below is the policy concerning attendance.

While we are aware of the needs of International families in this situation we are still governed by this law..

Compulsory Education law in the Netherlands

De leerplicht /or compulsory education means that it is compulsory for children to attend school. From the moment that your child is 5 years of age till the end of the school year that he/she is 16 years of age , your child must attend school as according to the compulsory education act /leerplichtwet. As a parent, you are required to register your child at a school and ensure that he/she attends. This law applies to everyone living in the Netherlands. Also children who do not have Dutch nationality, refugees or children illegally living in the country within this age range must attend school.

Leerplicht begint/ Compulsory education begins at 5 yrs

Your child must attend school from the first day of the month after he/she is 5yrs old. If your child is 5 in October for example, he/she must attend school from the 1st November of the same year.

Leerlingen van 4 jaar niet leerplichtig /Students aged 4 yrs not compulsory

Most children attend school as soon as they are 4yrs old. Students aged 4 yrs however do not fall under the compulsory law to attend school, also not when they have been enrolled in a school. You will not be prosecuted if you keep your 4 year old at home. The attendance officer will not act against you but it is wise to contact the school if you are keeping your child at home for a day.

Volledige leerplicht/complete compulsory education

Completion of compulsory education is until the school year your child reaches 16. If your child is 16 in February for example then your child must complete the school year. A school year is from 1st August till 31st July. If your child has attended school for 12 years, the period of compulsory education has been reached. Moving up a group (in special circumstances) counts as a full year.

Vrijstelling van schoolbezoek of inschrijving/Exemption from school attendance or enrolment

In some cases your child may obtain (temporary) exemption from school attendance or enrolment. The Compulsory Education Act acknowledges a couple of possibilities. In most cases the school director determines if there is a significant reason for absence.

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