Year 4 Catherine & Sander


My name is Catherine Banks. I am English and have been living in Arnhem and working at the International School for the last 18 years.  I have three daughters of 19, 16 and 9,  the eldest two also attended this school during their primary years.

I graduated in 1989 in Oxford and have been teaching for 24 years, first in the UK and then here in Arnhem.  I also spent two years in Paris, one when I was studying and one year’s work experience at the Ecole Alsacienne.    

I will be teaching the class for 4 days each week (Tues-Fri) and Sander will be teaching on Mondays.

My name is Sander Hulleman.  I am Dutch, and was raised in a small village just above Deventer.  After receiving my degree as a teacher’s assistant, I started a special study to become a primary teacher for international schools.  During this study I got the opportunity to gain a lot of experience at international schools in both Rome, London and finally Arnhem. During my studies I was able to specialize my teaching in both maths and various arts. I am looking forward to teaching year 4 this year.

Year 4 Class information booklet

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